New Faculty Profile: Ms. Painter

Meris Childs, Ella Douglas, Audrie Flores, Keya Patel, Rosa Paten, Zadie Perera, and Kira Sangster

Kyla Painter is the new 7th grade science teacher at PCS. Ms. Painter is 28 years old and will be getting married in November. Her hobbies include reading true crime books and listening to true crime podcasts. She majored in biology at East Central University in Oklahoma.

Her favorite color varies, but she is currently into blue and jewel tones. Her favorite subject in middle school was History (surprisingly, not science!)

Ms. Painter realized she wanted to be a teacher when she started substitute teaching after college. After that, she began teaching at Watsonville High School. Now that she is teaching younger students, she says that the energy level is sometimes hard to control. However, one goal that she has for this year is to help students with the science fair. Ms. Painter wants the science fair to be a good experience for all the students.

Her favorite part about PCS is the small community we have, which allows her to get to know all the kids. She stated that there’s value in “going to a 7-12 grade school, It’s different, but special, and you will make lifelong friends. And finally, the ONE thing she wants EVERYBODY to know about her: “My name is pronounced KAY-LUH, Not KAIY-LUH.”