Four New Elements

Aidan Warzecha-Watson

Recently four new elements have been officially verified to exist, completing the seventh row of the periodic table. The elements–113, 115, 117, and 118–were discovered by bombarding other heavy metals with ions. The element 113 was credited to Kosuke Morita’s Riken group in east Asia and is currently using the placeholder name of ununtrium. The discoveries of element 115, known currently as ununpentium, and 117, currently known as ununseptium, have been credited to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the U.S., along with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has also been credited with the discovery of element 118, ununoctium. The permanent names for the elements will be recommended by the groups credited with their discovery.123115_ag_elements-main_free_REV3_0_0