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PCS Spikeball Club

Alessio Bernardi, Eric Aldrich, Colby Beck-Watts

January 15, 2020

Originating at first in 1989 by a Japanese toy maker Jeff Knurek, Spikeball took the stage by slight breeze and eventually died out in 1995. The rudimentary components of the original Spikeball caused easy mishaps and breaks within the design, ultimately causing its demise. Luckily, in 2003 entrepreneur and visionary Chris Ruder found new heights for this up-and-coming game. Harnessing an old set from the 1990’s, he quickly realized his love for the game and its potential. In 2008, Ruder bought a patent for the game at a mere $800 and began production. With some revitalization of certain aspects of the game and an over...

PCS Girl’s Soccer Team 2018-2019

Natalie Walker, Kirin Hopper, Carina Rafaelli, Kai Brandt-Templeton

October 1, 2019

The PCS girls soccer team, coached by Kelly Binger and co-captained by Farrah Von Sothen and Roxana Ortiz, are currently 7-5-1 (at time of press) into their ongoing season. After the graduation of several notable players last year, the team was unsure of how they would perform this season. After a turbulent pre-season, the players pulled through and claimed victory against North Salinas, Greenfield, and Notre Dame. The team and their families were thrilled with this early winning streak, especially with the uncertainty floating around during the pre-season practices. With the inspiring guidance from Kelly Binger, the team was...

PCS Varsity Boys Volleyball Champions

Henry Madsen, Jordan Hopkins, Noa Harrison, Alessio Bernardi, Chloe Chipman

October 1, 2019

The PCS boys varsity volleyball team qualified for CCS championships which took place last  week. PCS advanced to CCS as the “wild-card” team. Their first game is the quarter finals was on Tuesday 5/7 against Sacred Heart Cathedral.  They beat them Sacred Heart in three games. This was a great game and the team played very well leading them to the victory and giving the team extra confidence going into their next game. The semi-finals took place on thursday 5/9. The Pumas played the number one seed, Harker High School. It was a hard fought game, but the Pumas ended up losing in three sets. Harker went on to win the...

Gym Issue Hurts PCS Sports

Natalie Walker, Kirin Hopper, Maddie Briscoe, and Carina Raffaeli

March 12, 2019

PCS does not have as gym. This predicament heavily influences the sports at PCS by limiting practices and games. Our school is geared towards academics which leaves little room for school spirit in regards to sports and other activities. When PCS moved from the Swift Street campus in the fall of 2015, the school lost access to the gym as well. The loss of a well-managed, easily accessible gym has since hindered the value of sports. The gym was primarily used for basketball and volleyball before it started falling apart due to erosion, mold, and inconsistent upkeep. Due to complaints from the athletes, construction on the old g...

Girls Basketball Update

Brindley Barchas, Faith Parks, and Sofia Kvaternik

October 25, 2018

The Junior High girls basketball team is off to a great start! They participated in the Mission Hill Basketball Tournament from September 17-19. The team won their first game of the tournament but unfortunately lost their second and third games. They also had a separate scrimmage against Mission Hill and a league game with Branciforte Middle School.The team is split into two groups: a silver and a black team. The black team is mostly 8th graders and the silver team is made up of mostly of 7th graders. If you want to go support the team they have their next game on 10/22 at Twin Lakes The team practices Mondays, Wednesdays, and ...

Girls Varsity Volleyball

Girls Varsity Volleyball

October 16, 2017

While the PCS girls varsity volleyball season is well underway, there are plenty of more games to get excited about. To give you a preview of the rest of the season, we spoke to a number of players and coaches about this year’s team, season goals, and sports culture at PCS. This year’s girls varsity team has about fifteen players. The head coached by Chelsea Ching, who is assisted by current...

2017-2018 Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

2017-2018 Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

October 16, 2017

2017-2018 Week 6 NFL Power Rankings   Aneesh Medhekar William Peters   Here are some of the teams and storylines that have stood out to us so far this season. The Kansas City Chiefs sit at the top of the power rankings because of their strong start to the season. They show no signs of slowing down and with Alex Smith having a career year, we predict the Chiefs have a sho...

Homecoming Volleyball

Blake Dixon, High School Reporter

March 23, 2015

To finish off homecoming week, PCS had its homecoming boys varsity volleyball team play a home game against Soquel. The game took place after school on Friday in the PCS gym where a large crowd attended to watch the game and announcement of homecoming king and queen. PCS won the game by winning 3 out of 5 matches after falling behind 2-1 matches and rallying back to win the game. Gabe Lavendel and Neetu Patel won homecoming king and queen.

Pumas Outplay Falcons

Pumas Outplay Falcons

March 20, 2015

The PCS boys’ volleyball team overwhelmingly defeated the Scotts Valley Falcons on Tuesday, March 17, in a three-set match. The four seniors -- Cole Margerum, Zach Fishman, Owen Hedrick, and Christian Bouchard can all be identified by their technicolor Kobe 8 sneakers and matching socks. What most stood out, however, may have been the familiar face on the opposing side of the court--former PCS student...

PCS: Too shy to show Sports Spirit?

March 18, 2015

Recently, there’s been talk going around—especially amongst sports-spectating Juniors—about guidelines for PCS sports spectators. During a Boy’s Varsity Basketball game between PCS and Trinity several weeks back, what some students claimed as “school spirit” was perceived by parents of the opposing Trinity basketball team as “unsportsmanlike conduct.” “It was a tie game at the half when I arrived,” said Junior Jaivin Patel, an avid sports-goer at PCS. “I was shwanging with my friends all day and I really like to support Puma athletics. I try to go to as many home games as I can and I always bring...

Boys volleyball starts off a new year, minus a few players

Tyler Hayford, High School Reporter

March 13, 2015

The PCS Boys Volleyball team has a difficult task this year: rebuilding. Every year, sports teams lose some of their top players as high school graduates, but this particular year feels like a hard hit to Boys Volleyball. Seniors Zach Fishman and Owen Hedrick are team captains this year. Fishman shared some of his thoughts on the upcoming season. Fishman says the league looks tough, and the team will be contending for a top spot. “It’s going to be a lot more challenging than the year before, because we lost a lot of seniors and this year we have 6 freshmen on the roster, and several of them start,” said Fishman...

According to students, PCS Logo interpretation takes a conservative turn How teams are reacting in response to stricter logo enforcement

Jason Zheng, Editor

February 9, 2015

All across PCS, student clubs, sports teams and other student-based organizations are questioning the current PCS logo policy, citing its allegedly strict enforcement and creatively stifling nature. The policy, which was first enacted 3 years ago in an attempt to standardize the then chaotic “hodgepodge” of club and sport logos, states that PCS clubs and teams’ logos must primarily depict the trademarked PCS logos—for academics, this is the beloved blue wheel; for sports, this is the Ward puma head (the black and yellow square PCS puma). Any departure from either of the logos is seen as a deviation from the regis...

How Sports Will Continue on the New Campus

Blake Dixon, High School Reporter

February 8, 2015

The school bell rings, hundreds of students are released from class after a hard day of learning. Athletes carry their sports bags to the back of school to change in the bathroom before practice begins. This is the typical scene that happens at 3:15pm at PCS at our current campus, but next year, this scene will change. As many people already know, PCS plans to move to the new campus by next school year. Although PCS will be upgrading their main campus facilities, sports facilities will not be present on the new campus. There will be no basketball gym or athletics field on site like there is at our current campus. “W...

Pacific Collegiate Fall Athletics

Gina Condotti, Sports Reporter

November 7, 2014

Walking through the back of school after 3:15 p.m., one will see many PCS students standing around benches, preparing for their daily after school sports. They are joking, hacky-sacking, and laughing, happy to take a break from the stress of school by exercising. This fall, PCS students will be participating in high school cross country and girls volleyball, along with junior high cross country, girls basketball and flag football. High school students will competing in the Mission Trail Athletic League and Coastal Division. Likewise, junior high students will be competing against other local middle schools. This year, PCS also w...

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