U.S. Political Unrest Raised to New Heights Post-Election

Dalton Bassler-Haynes

Since Donald Trump has been elected, a frenzy of insults on social media networks has ensued. Hillary Clinton supporters have been criticizing some Trump extremists, who have in turn been calling them profane names and posting controversial things on social media.  Trump supporters have been citing “free speech” in their defense and stating that “political correctness” has gone too far.  Trump is in a boiling pot himself. His insults from the election season are turning against him as many House Republicans are holding grudges, and foreign leaders are not sure what to do next.  Furthermore, the U.S. foreign policy establishment does not support Trump.  However, Trump says on Twitter that his transition is going smoothly.  

Surprisingly, Clinton has not shown anger towards this ongoing situation regarding the insults and has asked her supporters to give Trump a chance as President.  Many Trump supporters are becoming notorious for offending people online and in the real world as well.  A church in Indiana that accepted LGBTQ+ people was defaced with the words “HEIL TRUMP,” a swastika, and a derogatory term for gays in black graffiti.  Online, people are looking at Trump’s cabinet choices.  Liberals are poking fun at Trump’s cabinet and many people want a vote audit, with Clinton supporters stating that Russian hackers may have interfered, and Trump supporters stating that undocumented immigrants may have voted illegally. On board a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta, a political fight erupted on board and the pilot was forced to go on the intercom and tell them to calm down.  In this time of conflict and division, the mood in this country is quite hateful.