Vu’s View: Back in My Day…


Andrew Vu

Sometimes, when life seems to be dragging us to new places where we don’t want to go, it can be fun to remember old times.

Do you remember 7th Grade? I remember some pretty weird things.

Back In My Day…

– We had advisory instead of this new-fangled seminar stuff.

– Sevies had giant planners the size of a sheet of paper.

– Instead of getting lost on the first floor and second floor, we got lost in A pod and C pod.

– Mr. Fletcher taught math.

– Navigating around the campus meant going OUTSIDE.

– All classrooms had 2 doors.

– Classroom numbers went 1,2,3,4…

– Car traffic was slightly less of a nightmare.

– Classes went 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th on normal days.

– Block days were every other week.

– Building felt like an elementary school as opposed to an office building.

– Bathrooms needed biohazard symbols on the outside.

– Stairs were a theoretical construct that applied to other people.

– Announcements actually worked and didn’t cut off half way through.

– We had a gym.

– We had 8 classrooms outside the main building, not 1.


Andrew Vu

(11th Grade)

(That’s right, there are people who have even older “Back in my day” stories.)