Top 6 Halloween Treats to Make

Rachel Schultz, Lani Tavangar, Daisy Cholden, and Indianna Clark

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Top 6 Halloween Treats to Make

By Rachel Schultz, Lani Tavangar, Daisy Cholden and Indianna Clark


Apple Mouths



You will need: peanut butter, apples, mini marshmallows

  1. Cut the apples into slices
  2. Line the apples edges with peanut butter
  3. Place marshmallows in between the apple slices and position to look like a mouth

Rating: on a scale of one to ten (10 is amazing/easy, one is horrible/hard)           


What we think

Taste: 9

Appearance: 9.5

Baking Efficiency: 8


Pumpkin Candy Bowls



You Will Need: Orange candy melts, black icing, balloons, assorted candy

  1. Melt candy melts in microwave or double boiler
  2. Dip blown up balloons into melts
  3. Wait till dried
  4. Pop balloon and remove orange bowl
  5. Draw on pumpkin face with icing
  6. Fill bowl with candies
  7. Enjoy!


What we think

Taste: 6

Appearance: 1

Baking Efficiency: 1


Candy Corn Field Cups:

To include a sweet, smooth, stylish dessert, we decided upon classic mud cups, sprinkled with crushed oreos over whipped cream to resemble dirt, which we then placed candy corn and candy corn pumpkins in. This would create a field like appearance. Here’s our recipe:

You Will Need: 1 cup chocolate chips, 1 ¾ cup powdered sugar, vanilla, oreo cookies, candy corn and candy pumpkins, cream cheese, heavy cream

  1. Melt chocolate
  2. Using a mixer, combine cream cheese (8 oz) into melted chocolate
  3. Whip cream until peaks formed
  4. Combine whip cream and chocolate mixture
  5. Stir in crushed marshmallows
  6. Decorate with crushed oreos on top
  7. Add on candy corn and pumpkin candy
  8. Enjoy!


What We Think:

Taste: 7

Appearance: 4

Baking Efficiency: 3


Mummy Brownies

For a fun, easy, but delightfully themed treat, we settled on classic chocolate brownies, with a spooky twist. To decorate the brownies, we glazed them with a smooth, sweet white chocolate glaze. Using a spoon, we drew lines across the brownies to appear like mummies, so after, adorning the piece with candy eyeballs. Here’s our recipe:

You Will Need: brownies, white chocolate,candy eyeballs

  1. Make your favorite brownies
  2. Melt white chocolate
  3. Using a spoon, drizzle the chocolate over the brownies, to make lines
  4. Put candy eyes on the brownies
  5. Wait to dry
  6. Enjoy!

What We Think:

Taste: 7

Appearance: 8

Baking Efficiency: 6