Halloween Costume Quiz


Ayush Garg

Don’t know what to dress up as for Halloween? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Just take this quick personality quiz and keep track of your points. We’ll let you know what costume to pick at the end of the quiz based on your points!

What do you like to do in your freetime

Crush the patriarchy (1 point)
Eat (2 pt)
Hang with friends (3 pt)
Browse through social media (4 pt)

Where do you want to live

An island in the middle of the ocean (1 pt)
In the sewer (2 pt)
City (3 pt)
Your own tower (4 pt)

What is your favorite food

Fish (1pt)
Kids (2 pt)
Salad (3 pt)
McDonalds (4 pt)

How funny are you?

I don’t know what a joke is (1 pt)
I am the class clown (2 pt)
I laugh at my own jokes (3 pt)
People laugh at me (4 pt)

Do you like a good spook?

Never (1 pt)
Of course(2 pt)
sometimes (3 pt)
Only if I am in on it (4 pt)

Who is your favorite musical artist?

Cardi B. (1 pt)
21 Savage(2 pt)
Meghan Trainor (3 pt)
Neil Young (4 pt)

What are your plans for halloween?
What is Halloween? (1 pt)
Handout candy to young kids (2 pts)
Go to a halloween party (3 pts)
Go out trick or treating (4 pts)

7 – 11 pts: Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman is the Harley Quinn of last year. That means there is going to be a lot of them. But if you bring a genuine whip, you should have no problem taking out the competition!

12 – 17 pts: Pennywise the Clown – With all the scary clown sightings last halloween, nothing will be more frightening than a pennywise holding a red balloon out and about, you’re guaranteed to give someone a spook

18 – 22 pts: An emoji (from the emoji movie: preferably gene) – going as an emoji shows you’ve got top notch humor and guarantees you a W in any costume contest you participate in. If you got this one, you’ve earned my respect. congrats.

23-28 pts: Donald Trump – another classic costume choice. The only way to make a Trump costume funny this year is to get a friend to go as Mike Pence with you. The only problem is no one wants to do that. But if you find your Mike Pence, this is the costume for you.