Jump Bikes on the PCS Campus

Benito Sauceda, Benson Young, Gavin Kowalski, and Logan Newkirk

Jump Bikes are rental bikes provided in Santa Cruz that are fun, efficient, and affordable. They are electric assist bikes meaning that they provide a “boost” every time you pedal. Jump Bikes are made for people of all shapes and sizes with a full size frame, adjustable seat, tamper proof brake lines, grip bill, and a built in U-bar lock. However, they have been banned from the Pacific Collegiate Campus. Why is this?

Most importantly, to use a Jump Bike, you need the Jump Bike App, which tells you where the nearest jump bike is, and it guides you to where it is located.

This creates a problem because if Jump Bikes used by students are left on campus after a ride, anyone with the app installed can come onto school campus and retrieve the bike. To maintain the security of our campus, the school requires students to leave Jump Bikes off campus, leaving many students who use them as a mode of transportation to and from school unhappy.

What are the pros and cons of jump bikes on and off campus? A couple of pros are that they are not that costly, they are an exhaust free method of transportation, and everyone can use them. However once you stop, anyone can come use the bike you used, from anywhere, and if this bike is on campus, then the people who use them can come and do whatever they want on campus.