New Faculty Profile: Ms Gomez

Alessio Bernardi, Taegan Dunton, Eric Aldrich, and Andrew Tsaronou

Susi Gomez is the new AP English Language teacher at PCS. Ms.Gomez was born and raised in Ecuador where she attended high school and studied journalism for 2 years. She worked on radio journalism and hosted a news show in Ecuador. During her third year of college, she participated in an exchange program in America where she attended Willamette University in Oregon for a year. Following this program, she decided to transfer and stay in America instead of moving back to Ecuador. Ms. Gomez attended university in New York for 3 years where she earned a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing. After she graduated college in America, Ms. Gomez deferred going to graduate school and moved back to Ecuador for one year to continue her study of journalism. Ms. Gomez also documented indigenous tribes in the Andes and taught English in Ecuador as an opportunity for the residents to learn a second language. Ms. Gomez then moved back to America and taught college level courses in Oregon and California before moving to Santa Cruz and becoming a teacher at PCS. She is currently finishing a PhD program in Comparative Literature at the University of Oregon.