Lunch Line is too Long!

Many people think that the lunch line at school is way too long. If you want pizza on Thursdays, or Burritos on Friday, you have to wait for a long time to get food. In addition, there is a serious issue regarding students running to get to lunch faster, and this can be dangerous since students can fall over and hurt themselves or others. Students are frequently seen running to the line to try to get a spot, because the line is always too long, and students have better things to do with their time like hanging out with friends and relax from the stress of school. 

PCS students have reported, on average days, a wait of 5-15 minutes to get food, and possibly even longer on Thursdays and Fridays. Some of the new 7th grade students have said different things about their opinion of the long lunch line. An anonymous student says, “The long lunch line is annoying because you have to wait in line for a long time and when you finally get your food, it’s cold.” Another student remarked, “The first time I went to go get lunch I waited to get lunch, and I waited 30 minutes in the lunch line, and the person before me got a pepperoni pizza and then they were out, and I had no lunch.” 

These are not the only complaints that we have gotten, and many students are calling for change. An anonymous student, that does not even purchase school lunch still says, “ The lunch line is way too long, and it is a long time before I see any of my friends who get school lunch.” 

The lunch line is a problem, and if we can get the attention of others, we can change the long wait to a shorter one, and everyone can get their food faster.