2020 Presidential Election


Pakal Gonzalez-Montejano, Staff Writer

The 2020 election has been having most people questioning our political alignments. Some of us wonder what might be the outcome. I believe that the answer to that question comes down to statistics. If we compare the current polls to the polls from 2016 we might be able to get a decent idea of what is to come. In 2016 Hilary Clinton was holding a lead on Trump of about 7 percent with 4 percent going to Johnson. Now in 2020, Biden is holding a lead of about 10 percent with no 3rd party. But in 2016 after October 20th The Trump Campaign started to gain popularity. Another thing that might lead to the downfall of the Biden Campaign is the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Because she died that leaves an open position for trump to elect one of his supporters to the place. That means that if Biden wins The Trump administration will try to take a case to court. Now that the Senate has an unbalanced amount of republicans and democrats, Trump would stand a bigger chance in court. Even if Biden wins, Trump might be able to come up with a reason that it was an illegitimate win. The main difference between the 2016 election and the 2020 election is that the polls are much more unforgiving. In the 2020 election, the closest Trump has been on Joe Biden’s lead in the polls was 5 % at the very beginning of the campaign; way back in January of 2016 Trump came within 1% of Clinton. Another thing that could take away republican votes is the issue of coronavirus. This year’s election has driven our ideas either away from the party we normally vote for or towards the party we already vote for. Trump has been gaining some serious negativity. Even people who don’t like Biden will still vote for Biden just because they like Trump less. “ I will vote for Biden not for what Biden will provide but what for Trump did,” shared PCS history teacher Gabriel Cohn. This virus is changing our entire way of living and quite possibly our way of thinking politically.  Biden may have the upper hand here but the only way that we can make this election go the way we want it to is to vote. “Good rapport is the basis of good politics, but we can’t even agree on what reality is anymore,” noted PCS Rhetoric teacher Jamal Hunt.