ROAR Art Gallery


“Faces” Alexandria Myers, 8th grade. This painting was done with watercolor, which captures the fluidity of the faces and poses perfectly. By combining lots of colors and elements, we get a feel of creativity and strong emotions.

Kira Valles-Knoll, Art Editor

The Roar has had a revamp this year, and wants to include more colorful and artistic elements in our new and improved newspaper. We thought a good way to do this was to ask you, the students, to send us some of the best art pieces you have created. We will continue this into the next issue, so if you want to send in one, feel free! If you’re in an art class and want some extra credit, this is a great way to do it!

If you want to send something in, feel free to contact our art editor, Kira Valles-Knoll, at [email protected]. It’s a great way to maybe get some extra credit show off to your family and friends. Please make sure you talk to your teacher about receiving the extra credit, if applicable.