Advanced Drama Produces Video of Performances

Monologues and Scenes Focus on Theme of “Change”

Zoe Perera, Staff Writer

On November 9th, Ms. Gorski and the students in her Advanced Drama Class released a video of scenes and monologues based around the theme of change. “An Evening of Change ” features 24 pieces performed by Ms. Gorski’s students. 

In a usual school year, the Advanced Drama class would be performing their work live on stage. This year, because of the pandemic and distance learning, they had to produce a recorded video of individual performances at home this year. 

 “The students were incredibly disappointed at first that they were not going to get to perform for a live audience and with each other,” said Ms. Gorski. “The fact that they were not able to have sets, costumes, lighting and props to support their scenes and monologues felt a bit daunting.”

However, Ms. Gorski added that Zoom acting challenged her students to be resourceful and creative. “ I think it forced them to really listen to their partners and find creative ways to make connections,” she said. 

Teleconferencing, she explained, creates a difficult environment for actors to communicate. “Remote learning has really challenged that most basic part of acting–human connection,” she said. “So much of acting is listening and responding, watching for cues in body language and vocal inflection. The lag on Zoom and inconsistent internet connections often leaves us confused and frustrated with the process.”

Despite these obstacles, Ms. Gorski said her students rose to the challenge. “I am most proud of the commitment the students made to their characters and each other,” she said. “They were able to put themselves into the circumstances of the scene and make it real for their audience even in the confines of their own home. Their work was honest and compelling.”

All the performances in the hour-and-a-half long video follow the theme of change. According to Ms. Gorski, students were asked to choose material that they felt represented change. The order of the 19 scenes and monologues follow an “arc of ‘Change’ from: yearning for change, being stuck and unwilling to change and then finally being willing to change or be changed,” Ms Gorski noted.  

An Evening of Change Program:

Title Performer(s) Time Stamp
  1. “Sallys Gone”
Jasmine Gates 0:00
2. “Degas C’est Moi” Quinn Danner Forte

Ellas Wegfehrt

Eli Lev

Chris Turner

3. “Frankenstein” Cem Yazgan 9:33
4. Soliloquy, Hamlet Eli Lev 12:53
5. “John Adams” Chris Turner 16:00
6. “Star Wars” Eli Lev

Elijah Angeles

7. Soliloquy, Macbeth Aiden Loehde-Woolard 18:00
8. “Angels in America” Lucas Shuppek

Jasmine Gates

9. “Ever Young” Siena  Stearns 26:00
10. “9:18” Quinn Danner-Forde 27:18
11. “Gingerbread Lady” Jasmine Gates

Siena Stearns

12. “Scarface” Elija Angeles 33:55
13. “Goodwill Hunting” Cem Yazgan 

Chris Turner

14. “Punk Rock” Kimiya Pourkermati 38:26
15. “Macbeth” Aiden Loehde-Woolard

Seina Stearns

16. “Easy A” Ella Wegfehrt 45:30
17. “Baby” Kyla-Rose Parkin

Mason Carter

Elija Angeles

18. “Something Better than here” Aiden Tinkey 58:00
19. “Don Juan” Lucas Schuppek 1:02:30
20. “Coffee Slave” Katie Howard 1:04:38
21. “Laramie Project” Mason Carter 1:07:02
22. “The Stronger” Kyla-Rose Parkin 1:10:11
23. “Harold and Maude” Aiden Tinky 

Katie Howard

24. “Waiting in the Wings” Ella Wegfehrt

Kimiya Pourkermati