Periodic Table Website Displays How Chemistry Class Has Adapted


Zanthee Schwarzmann, Assistant Editor

If you’ve been going to PCS since before the lockdown, you might remember the giant Periodic Table of Elements outside of Mr. Winter’s room. Each year, the Chemistry students are all given an element that they do a report on. These reports are usually arranged like the periodic table. However, in our new online environment, an on campus display is not possible. So, to keep this PCS chemistry tradition alive, this year Mr. Winter and his TA, senior Alex Elshyeb, designed a website equivalent of the hallway report display!

The elements are arranged in numerical order and feature images and cool information about their discovery and properties. The website is available at

Alex, who took Chemistry for two years in person, said Mr. Winters has been working hard to turns their in-person activities into online versions that are equally rich. She observed, for example, that student Zoom slideshows are “an innovative way of digitizing the one-pagers of previous years.” Alex created the website and says that the process was simple. She mainly copy and pasted the text and images into the website formatted by Mr. Winter. Alex added how she admires the way that Mr. Winter has digitized his Chemistry classes: “I’ve continually been impressed by Mr. Winter’s ability to keep Chemistry engaging even without in person labs and classes. I think the idea of creating a website for the periodic table is a great example of this!”