School vs. Online School

Anareli Hernandez, Writer and Cartoonist

What inspired me to write this short comic about pros and cons of school in person and online school, was about real experience. I feel like we can all relate to these reasons and the benefit online school gives us. I am sure that many of us miss school in person and it can be hard in this situation where we are on our computer most of the day. I just wanted to be relatable and to make it more fun I thought I could make characters expressing what it feels and  has been like, or even just thoughts we’ve had during this pandemic. The theme for my short comic would be that we’ve all had challenges and hard times where we feel like we don’t want to do anything, and there has been times where we’ve all been pumped up and we feel extra special and so what I am trying to say is this pandemic and isolation has gives us a hard time but most of all we have found something very unique in ourselves that we didn’t know we had. This is what I want people to think about when they read my short comic. We can all take any challenge!