Clubs at PCS


Xander Coomes, Alec Barker, and Casey Strattan

Provided below is a compilation of information pertaining to all PCS clubs and organizations, don’t be afraid to check them out and give them a try. Although many clubs have already had their first meetings, it is never too late to join!

Chess Club – Play games and learn new strategies, compete in local tournaments! Thursdays at lunch – Mr. Winter’s room Student Leaders: Dhruv Shetty, Kai Jaffarove
Coffee Talk – Relax and chat with friends and coffee Every other Wednesday at lunch – Art room Student Leaders: Rosalyn Bourdow, Vivienne Barrett
D&D Club – Play D&D, role-playing game, teamwork, creativity  Mondays after school 3:30 – 5:30 – Ms. Marentette’s room Student Leaders: Connor McGinley, Stuart Jackson, Felix MacFarland
Eco Club – Passionate about the environment? Learn to reduce your environmental impact and help the natural world! Meetings every other Friday at lunch (1:00 pm) Student Leaders: Talia Orzech, Nayelli Whitehead
Film Club – Film, movies, and more Faculty Advisor:  Emily Klein Student Leaders: Kiersten Dungy, Ford Walters
The Finch – The PCS literary magazine Ms. DeCaporale’s room – Every other Thursday at lunch Student Leaders: Anya Sheriff-Norton, Sophia Mateja
Fusion Dance – Fun dances and many styles such as hip hop, tap, jazz, musical theatre and more Faculty Advisor:  Tara Firenzi Student Leaders: Elle Walters, Mackenna Kinkead
Hacky Sack Club – Hack for fun, all skill levels welcome Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch – on the deck Student Leaders: Ryder Martin, Booker Wilkins, Sasha Nishioka-Eischon
Jazz Club –  An opportunity to freely play some jazz at school Mondays after school – near the music room Student Leaders: Maxwell Gross, Mateo Krok
Key Club – Community service and leadership Faculty Advisor:  Jennifer Eskinazi Student Leaders: Darlina Williams
Math Club – Math, puzzles, real-world problem solving and more Fridays at lunch – Mr. Lai’s room Student Leaders: Saashin Subramaniam, Nathan Madsen
Mock Trial – Learn about the intricacies of law and prepare for mock competitions as a team Faculty Advisor:  Andrew Quist Student Leaders: Gregor MacDonald, Una Blumberg
Model United Nations – Students research and represent countries and negotiate on an international level of issues Wednesday during lunch or Thursday at tutorial (you can attend either one)Mr. Alley’s room Student Leaders: Sophia Mateja
Pre-Med ClubFun way to get to know the medical field, meet doctors, physicians, and more. Everyone’s welcome! Last tuesday of the month – Mr. Winter’s room Student Leaders: William Bulfin
Python Club – Learn and write code in python, anyone is welcome! Mondays during lunch – Mr. Lai’s room Student Leaders: Shaashvat Shetty
Queer Intersectional Alliance (QIA) – Crafts! Education! Snacks! EVENTS! Faculty Advisor:  Andrea Roth, Aliyya Hatcher Student Leaders: Zanthee Schwarzman
Rotary Interact – Get community service and leadership experience Every other Thursday at lunch – Mr. Lai’s room Student Leaders: Kayla Liu
Sailing Club – Learn about sailing and boats while having fun with other people who love to sail Wednesday at lunch – on the balcony above the main entrance Student Leaders: Amanda Turner
Students for Equity on Campus – Help with diversity projects across PCS TBD Mr. Perera’s room (contact [email protected]) Student Leaders: Alejandra Meza
Student Government – Represent the student body, organize student events Wednesday 3:30-5:00 – Drama Room Student Leaders: Nolan Hayes, Jayden Cavanagh
Thespian Club – Join to have fun learning about theater and drama, no experience needed! Wednesday at Lunch (1:00 PM) – Drama room Student Leaders: Aiden Loehde-Woolard, Sophia Tinkey, Katie Howard, Molly Gannon, Gigi McPherson, Kiara Kawatsure, Jack Driscoll-Natale, Benito Sauceda, Meris Childs
Transgender/Nonbinary Student Union – This club aims to foster community, education, and inclusion for students on all parts of the gender spectrum Fridays at lunch – on the deck Student Leaders: Ziggy Lukasiewicz, T Humble
Ultimate Frisbee  Play Frisbee at the beach, make new friends, get great exercise!  Tuesdays and Thursdays after school – Natural Bridges Beach Student Leaders: Alex Herman, Nathanial Goodwin