Pride Flag Stolen, American Flag Defiled


On Saturday, April 9th, an unknown individual vandalized the flagpole by the amphitheater. Late at night, they entered the campus riding a BMX bike, and, according to Mr. Hogan, the person was “presumably under the influence of some kind of substance”. The individual proceeded to pry open the compartment with access to the lines used to raise and lower the flags, which were left up over the weekend. The individual, described by Mr. Hogan as being “of younger stature”, took down both the Pride and American flags. They slashed the American flag and stole the Pride flag entirely. 

Mr. Hogan thinks the action may have been caused by the school’s proximity to several homeless camps, including one between the school and Highway 1. As many students know, whether by experience or word of mouth, bikes should not be left on campus overnight. Just last weekend, two locked bikes were stolen from the bike racks; though not unusual, these actions are disheartening. Increases in vandalism in general have been prevalent, both inside and outside of school hours, throughout the year. Both PCS students and staff are wondering when this may stop, if ever.

Any details regarding who might have done this would be greatly appreciated and should be reported to Mr. Harrison.