Vandalism During the 2022-2023 School Year


Mario Lari and Ronan Keith

Given that I am new here at PCS, I am only minorly aware of the vandalism of previous years, but by viewing the articles written by my predecessors, this is at least 

the 2nd school year that has been hit by widespread vandalism. However, there is some mention of prior incidents, including an article dating to November 24, 2021, written by Ronan Keith and Phillip Gonikberg (it’s a very nice article, you should check it out), which calls the removal of the clear plastic covers on the paper towel holders in the boys’ bathroom. This is a “time honored tradition,” according to Señora Sauceda, who has taught Spanish at PCS for 13 years. She claims that vandalism has been reported only after returning from COVID-induced quarantine, so 1 year ago.

 I found several incidents of vandalism: A ripped out clear piece on a paper towel holder in the boys bathroom and graffiti in the gender neutral bathroom as examples. Keran, a PCS student, also informed me of a rumor about stickers and graffiti on the school. 

Unfortunately, the vandalism of the boys bathroom paper towel holders has continued. One student removed the clear plastic piece on the paper towel holders.  When it was duct-taped over, another student ripped off the duct-tape. A while later, the paper towels had been pulled through the newly created hole. The culprit is unknown, as all I saw was the aftermath. Also, Keran has informed me that she has not seen any paper towel holders defaced in the girls’ bathrooms.

The other damage that I saw was graffiti that read CPS19 in a weird graffiti lettering style. This defacing was done on the inside of the door to the gender neutral bathroom. It can be found above the COVID safety warning sign, in black ink resembling that of a sharpie marker. Again, the person who did this is unknown.

The final piece of defacing that we will talk about in this article is the instance of someone engraving “I ♥️ boobs” in the  gender neutral bathroom. Of course, I am sure I speak for everyone here when I say to please CUT THIS OUT!

It is disheartening that there are students that would do things like this to our school. We reflect on PCS as much as PCS reflects on us. Take pride in our school community and help boost the place up, not tear it down. PCS will be much better when we all do this together. Please, keep the school nice.  Don’t ruin things because some viral TikTok person told you to.  It may seem “cool” or “trendy,” but it is most assuredly not.