The Addams Family Production

The Addams Family Production

Julianna White and Talula Garcia

It’s showtime for the Addams Family Musical! This musical is extra special this year because it’s twice the size of previous years! Because of COVID in the past couple of years, the musical had to be small, but now there’s a big cast with new drama and choir teachers! 

One of the new cast members who hasn’t had previous acting experience stated that she is enjoying being a part of the musical; it’s a great break from all her academic work and she loves being a part of the show. The relationships and levels of trust that have been built have helped build her confidence and social skills, and she wants to continue with drama.  

Another cast member, Courtney Eldridge, an 8th grader and a drama student at PCS, said,  “it has been good to meet different students and for the grade levels to connect through this musical. You get to interact and work with people you wouldn’t have met otherwise.” 

Participation in the musical is open to all grades and levels of acting experience. Additionally, it gives students the chance to form friendships and build bonds. Courtney added that this production is helping build her confidence in acting in a variety of roles, and she is looking forward to auditioning for the musical next year. This is the first year without Ms. Gorski and Ms. Hughes, and all of our student interviewees said the directors – Mr. Ball, Mr. Wallraff, and Ms. Firenzi – helped make them feel safe and respected, which is part of the reason they’re having so much fun. 

Mr. Wallraff suggested, “If a student is nervous about performing or auditioning, try it out! There are also so many ways to also help out, and you can have fun!” Other ways students can get involved besides acting include helping with lighting, costumes, makeup, tickets, etc. This year, many of the props and set pieces were made by the actors and volunteers. For future drama productions, Mr. Wallraff also hopes to connect with PCS’s visual arts department to help build sets and props.  The visual components and production elements of a musical are what helps make it come to life, and are almost as important as the acting and singing. This musical is very special this year and the cast is extremely talented and excited to perform!

When: March 17, 18, 24, 25 at 7pm & March 19, 26 at 2pm

Where: Scotts Valley Performing Arts Center

Get tickets at the link here

     $10 for Students, Staff, Seniors

     $15 general admission