Journalism: The Perfect Seminar


via Pixabay

Thalia Ysais

Seminars can be tricky to choose. There are so many options. It can leave you feeling a little indecisive. However, the journalism seminar beats all the rest. It is enjoyable, a great experience, and full of super awesome people. It is a wonderful seminar for everyone.

One reason why journalism is a great seminar choice is because you don’t have to write about just one thing–you have the option to write about almost anything you want. This semester, students have written about events happening around campus, local news, comics, and even some fun educational articles such as how to correctly peel a banana. It’s not just writing about one topic. Anyone can write about anything.

Journalism is also a great seminar because it helps you get your work out to others. If you have a piece of writing, art, or photography that you want to showcase to others, The Roar is the perfect place to do so. It not only gets your work out to the PCS community, but there is a chance that others outside of the PCS community will view your work. For example, journalist Jaxon Robinson, who wrote about the firing of Santa Cruz County Fair CEO David Kegebein, had his article make its way to Kegebein himself. “Somehow, my article made its way to David Kegebein himself, the subject of my article,” Jaxon stated. “After that, it made its way into the hands of Zach Friend, the district supervisor.” 

One final reason why journalism should be your next seminar pick is because of the experience. You don’t often get to experience the type of writing that journalism offers you. This type of writing can help you acquire skills in different fields of writing.

Some people might say that journalism is only meant for people who like writing and/or those who are good at the subject. This, however, is not the case. Journalism is meant for anyone. You can write about anything you want. There is also the opportunity to do things other than writing. In previous years, students have done crosswords, podcasts, photo galleries, and video reporting. This semester, journalist Eva Pelletier has drawn very creative comics. You also don’t have to have the perfect journalism skillset. This seminar will help you to improve those skills to make your writing even better. With the help of your wonderful journalism teacher, your knowledgeable editors, Sierra Fong and Ellen Zhan, and your very helpful and supportive fellow journalists, learning new ways of writing and acquiring the skills necessary for this type of writing will be a piece of cake.

Overall, journalism is great. There are so many knowledgeable people in this seminar who are there to help you out. Your writing will soar to incredible heights. To quote Ms. Hash, the current journalism teacher, “One, you get to experiment with a type of writing that otherwise you might not get to experiment with. Two, you get the freedom to write about whatever you want. Three, there’s a lot of cool people.” Ultimately, journalism is a great seminar choice that everyone should experience.