Fixing Writer’s Block


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Fiona Robertson

Have you ever not known what to write? Well I’m here to help! Writer’s block, the bane of all writer’s existence, is the lack of ideas when writing (something like what I have right now). To get ideas to help me with my writing, I decided to talk to other students and teachers. I got a huge list of recommendations, and organized them in a list. Hopefully this will help!


 How to fix this writer’s block thing (hopefully):

  • Start with the basics (what do you already know?)
  • Make a list of what you need to do
  • Write down random dialogue 
  • Go outside! Nature is good for you!
  • Sleep (I know you need to get it done, but you have to be able to focus)
  • Don’t tire yourself out
  • Don’t make writing a chore
  • Develop your characters
  • Make a map/setting
  • Do art and be creative
  • Eat food… that’s not sugar (I know, it’s not as fun)
  • Watch TV or interactions between other people
  • Try a different genre
  • Make a lot of small deadlines if you have a set date
  • Do a word blurt
  • Journal what you did that day
  • If you’re stuck, start with what you know/ what you are comfortable with
  • Incorporate writing in your daily routine 
  • Change your activities
  • Take small breaks to help with anxiety for tests
  • Don’t be afraid to shelf a project
  • Be kind to yourself 
  • Brainstorm 
  • Listen to music
  • Work in a low pressure environment
  • DO NOT over edit
  • Make up a random story
  • Join the Writing Club (they’re AMAZING)
  • Answer random prompts (check the bottom of the article)


Special shout out to Courtney! Thanks so much to the writing club, Ms. Lincoln, Ms. Williams, and many more!

Alright here is your list of prompts: 

  • Write a story from a sidekick’s perspective
  • Write a story that includes the phrase “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day”
  • Write a story inspired by the phrase “I’ll eat my hat”
  • Write a story about someone with good intentions, but always does the wrong thing
  • Set your story at an antique fair
  • Plants can walk and communicate, but only if they sing
  • Start with someone exacting revenge
  • Zombie apocalypse with a twist (Ex: you turn into a clown)
  • Start in a New York City bagel shop
  • A person who embarrassed themselves during a speech
  • A really, really bad first day of work / school
  • Write a story inspired by the line “So, what’s the catch?”

 More prompts here: