Studying Tips for Finals


Julianna White and Talula Garcia

With finals coming up, many students are stressed about how to pass and prepare for testing. Study Skills teacher Ms. Williams said that organizing how you spend your time is one of the most important aspects of studying efficiency. Studying well in high school can have long term implications, as your performance on tests often impacts the colleges you get accepted into.

Here are some helpful study tips:

  • Review your notes before you take your quiz
  • Do Kahoots
  • Use study guides 
  • Use tutorials 
  • Have a friend/classmate quiz you
  • Study the main idea of the topic
  • Study big themes and try to memorize names and dates
  • Set up specific times for studying

The most important thing is to remember to reward yourself after you study–it’ll be a good incentive to study more in the future. Rereading your textbook(s) is not the most helpful strategy because you’re not doing anything with the information you are learning. Instead, something as simple as repetitive writing can help what you’re learning stick in your mind. Flashcards also are a useful method because you can make them aesthetically pleasing while learning information. Similarly, Quizlet is a helpful website where you can make online flashcards and play games to learn information. 

Studies have shown that studying helps with personal development and improvement. Not only does it help release stress about tests, but it helps prepare you for college and future work. The key to studying is not procrastinating it too much;studying is only bad if you dread it and chose to delay it until the last possible second. With the right attitude, studying isn’t just a boring chore, it can be something beneficial you do that has a positive effect. 

How is studying good for you? Well according to the University of Saskatchewan, studying can increase both your confidence and self-esteem! Studying also can reduce anxiety for your test. 

To study as efficiently as possible, remember to keep these question in mind: 

  • What test is coming up closest to now?
  • What is my grade in the class?
  • What is the weight of the exam ?
  • How much do I know about this subject?

Thinking of these questions will help you organize and prioritize what you need to accomplish.

Studying in anticipation of  your finals because it is beneficial in a variety of  ways. Just remember that once you get finals over with, you get a whole summer of fun and freedom. Have fun studying and enjoy the end of the year. 



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