Op-Ed: Double Spaces

October, 2022

Earlier this week, I noticed that the staff biography which I had submitted for my profile on the PCS Roar was horribly mutilated.  I had used double spaces while writing it, as I do for all of my other papers.  This was an outrage.  I have been typing using double spaces for seven years now and I refuse to stop.  No teacher has ever objected to it before.  I understand that it is now an older way of typing, but that just means it is the traditional way of our ancestors.  Upon questioning why all of the double spaces were brutally cut in half and taken away, I was told it was done so that the various staff bios would match.  However, this is irrelevant because it is not possible to see them all together at once on this website (unless you used multiple tabs for some reason).  You would not even notice unless you looked at all of the bios carefully and compared them.  I have decided to raise an army to stand up for the rights of double spaces.  Can we hit fifteen likes?  If this article receives fifteen likes, maybe the big bosses will be swayed.