Farewell Ms. Hash!

Tam Ly Mai-Clark

Ms. Monika Hash has been the PCS English teacher for one and a half years, but in 2023 she decided that it was time for her to start something new. Ms. Hash was recognized by her students for being a comforting and educated teacher. She has strived to create a warm and calm environment for her students to work in. One of Ms. Hash’s colleagues, Ms. Janelle Silva, says “She’s one of the most authentic people I’ve come across… She feels like instant family to me because of how genuine she is.” Personally, as one of Ms. Hash’s students, my first impression of Ms. Hash was when I first walked into her classroom, I saw yellow posters and cute crochet flower wall decorations, and I instantly knew that I was going to love this teacher.

Ms. Hash has served our PCS community for one and half years. It all started when she became the long-term sub for Ms. Dunn, who had had a kid. After half of the school year, the school reached out to Ms. Hash and asked if she would like to continue her work here at PCS, and to that she accepted.

Ms. Hash has a background in theater and often taught at summer camps before becoming a teacher. As a teacher at PCS, Ms. Hash has expressed her love for her colleagues, stating, “At the beginning of the year when all the teachers got back, I got to meet all the new people and also see all the people I loved working with last year; it was a really fun and joyful day.” 

Overall Ms. Hash has loved seeing the school evolve; she has noticed more organizations and new teachers that she loves working with. Ms. Hash is currently planning on moving up into the northwest, and she says that she will miss the students’ creativity, and miss her coworkers and the kind and supportive environment that is PCS. All in all, I hope all of us wish Ms. Hash the best as she continues her life’s journey.