PCS MUN Infighting?

via Creazilla

via Creazilla

Ronan Keith

Notice: This was originally written on the 22nd, 24th and 29th of September, 2022.  A minor change was later made on the 11th of November.

Some internal fighting seems to have broken out in the school’s Model United Nations.  Junior club leader Anaïs Huet seems to have access to some document containing information related to club co-President (the de facto supreme president) Sophie Mateja.  Upon being notified about something by President Mateja, Huet then visibly rejoiced and dashed to her nearby friend and fellow junior leader Rosa Paten and presumably notified her of whatever it was that Mateja said.  Paten then replied with “Send it! Send it!”  Supreme Leader Mateja then responded with “No, don’t send it!”  The three then proceeded to discuss this matter, with Supreme Benevolent Leader Mateja repeatedly begging for Huet to not send it.  Now, what this document or object is is unknown, but it is presumably important, however it is apparently not related to MUN.  Could this be a sign of internal conflict within MUN? We interviewed local student Ron Keth, who is an experienced member of MUN and has attended many conferences.  He said