The Average Day of a PCS Student a Week Before Finals


Jamie C. Pham

Author’s Note: The depictions in the schedule are heavily based on my own life experiences as a 10th grade PCS student; therefore, not all the experiences are true of every PCS student. 


7:00 AM- First alarm. 

7:05- Second alarm. 

7:15- Third alarm.

7:25- Fourth alarm. 

7:30- Fifth alarm. 

7:36 – Get up, put on clothes, then get to the car. 

7:42- Work on Latin while trying to finish a bowl of cereal before it inevitably spills.  

8:31- Sneak behind the teachers because no one’s guarding the front door. Get to Pre-Calc, then phase in and out of class from sheer boredom. 

10:15- Try to do a last-minute review in the Barrons because somehow, you can’t remember anything from the past two semesters. 

10:30- Take a stupid Multiple Choice Test you only really started studying for last night. Somehow, you actually do it. 

12:15 PM- Struggle through dumplings as dry as the Sahara. Then remind yourself to work on something, but don’t. 

1:00- Now for the “easy” part of the day- Graphic Arts! Or so you thought at the beginning of the year when you weren’t staring at a computer and trying to complete a deadline you knew you couldn’t meet but said you could anyway. 

2:50- Pray to God that you can finish that rough draft of an unfunny Journalism article that you haven’t worked on at all you thought you could put off because you’ve “pretty much finished in your head”. 

3:30- Stay at school to finish those 54 Freemanpedias you’ve put off till now. 

5:00- Go home in the car, stare out of the window and contemplate life for an hour. Listen to the news about the latest shooting/market crash/war/fire. 

6:18- Go home, do work. Try to study for the Latin AP, a class which you hate but don’t want to fail. Eat some reheated soup from last night while you do it. 

10:00- Brush your teeth, shower, and change. 

10:25- Stare at your closet and spend an embarrassingly long time trying to pick what to wear tomorrow. 

10:43- Pick something, then get distracted by your phone. Escape into your favorite creator’s post for the day. 

11:00- Get into bed, then look up at the ceiling and try not to think of tomorrow. Tell yourself that you’ll finally go on that walk you’ve been wanting on Sunday, but know you really won’t because you’ll be too busy working.