California’s Future Looks ‘Droughtful’


Danielle Sugrue, Managing Editor

As of September 16th this year, Governor Jerry Brown signed three bills enforcing better management of groundwater basins in California. However, the legislation made only a small difference in recovering the basins and restoring California’s lacking water supply.

In response to the drought, some precautions were made to conserve water across California. In August 2014, water saving rates increased to 11.5%, according to the State Water Resources Control Board.

PCS makes its own attempts whenever it can to help conserve water. There are posters in the bathrooms requesting that students save water by taking shorter showers and not wasting water when washing their hands.

“The Green Committee on Student Government has been finding tips on how to save water and putting them in the announcements once a week,” said student government co-president Paige Pearson. “We haven’t been watering plants or grass on campus either.” Pearson added that a future student assembly will feature a presentation by a Santa Cruz City Water Conservation Department representative.