Online Community Read Continues PCS Tradition

Students, Parents, Teachers Discussed Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist

Zanthee Schwarzmann, Assistant Editor

The English department, in partnership with Bookshop Santa Cruz, organized the second annual PCS community read, which took place on January 14, 2021. This event invited community members of all ages to read and discuss the selected book.

English teacher Andrea Roth, who organized the event, stated that it was open to everyone, no matter their age or relation to the PCS community. Some of the participants of the event went into breakout rooms while the main room featured a discussion led by Makenna Sandige and Ayla Ferrell, with help from Spanish translators. Other facilitators to the event for each Break out Room were as follows:

Saashin/Zanthee/John BOR 1

Ayla/Makenna S (working with translators) MAIN ROOM

Mackenna K/Sophie W. BOR 2

Sophie F/Talia BOR 3

Jayden/Nik BOR 4

Rei/Haydyn BOR 5

Cem/Olivia BOR 6

Caitlin/Lena BOR 7

Ibrahim/Eve BOR 8

Although the event is over, the audiobook of the text is still available if you are still interested in reading it. It was organized by ROAR staff writer Ayla Ferrell, and features Ayla, Ms. Roth, Olivia Hanlock, Ariel Ferrell, and Hayden Davilla as narrators.