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Adele’s “Hello”

Ella Skye, Columnist

December 11, 2015

On October 23, 2015 Adele released “Hello,” a piano ballad with influences, and lyrics that discuss themes of regret. It accomplished international commercial success, reaching number one in 28 countries including the United Kingdom. It became her second UK number one single, following "Someone like You", and has had the largest opening week sales in three years. The genre for “Hello” is soul. We know that Adele has been gone for a year or two—this is because she has recently had a son. This has changed Adele's opinion and she said that it has influenced her and really brought Adele into figuring out what mu...

Doctor Who Recap

Emma Ilstrup, Fauve Doblo, Zoey Tiller, Chloe Lovejoy, and Julian Doblo, Columnist

November 7, 2015

Doctor Who: Review on Series 9, Episodes 1-2: (SPOILERS!!!) Episode 1 & 2: Summary   This series premiere kicks off with the Doctor finding young Davros (eventual creator of the Daleks, who are the destroyers of the Doctor’s home planet) on a battlefield; the Doctor going missing; and Clara going back to a mostly normal life, except for working with UNIT (an organization on Earth that deals with all things alien).    All seems fine until, suddenly, all of the planes on Earth stop mid-air and are unable to move. Who is responsible for this you might ask? None other than Missy (the female for...

Too Darn Hot – A PCS Fusion Dance Performance Review

Danielle Sugrue, Managing Editor

February 24, 2015

Not unlike a breakfast buffet at the Marriott, this year’s PCS Fusion dance performance suited many tastes, from hula dancing to a Bollywood-inspired solo. Defying all odds, the performance was the trifecta--enthralling, innovative, and hardly reminiscent of previous dance company performances. Although there were familiar faces and a couple familiar songs, the production was authentic and novel, experimenting with more avant-garde technologies and styles, such as the light projection piece inspired by Pilobolus dance company; the LED-incorporating and perhaps seizure-inducing light show; and the stunning solo dance perfo...

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