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A Letter To The Subversives

A Letter To The Subversives

April 12, 2016

       Remember the good old days where you could freely park in the PCS parking lot without mass amounts of competition and fear? These days are no more. Now, as we all are fully accustomed to, in order to park in the PCS parking lot, you must get to school at least 20 minutes early or simply get lucky.        Why is this you may ask? We have a theory: our friends at the adm...

Diversity in Hollywood

Quentin Freeman

March 1, 2016

With Mad Max and the newest Star Wars movie featuring both a strong female protagonist and a black supporting actor, some say that it was a good year for diversity. However, Hollywood still has a problem with casting a wide range of actors. Although there was a variety of movies in 2015 that prominently featured people of color (POC), every single acting nomination for the 2016 Oscars is white--for the second year in a row. The Oscars is taking place on February 28th and the list of nominees for acting includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Sylvester Stallone, and other stars. Stallone played a support...

Literally Just 15 Donald Trump Gifs

Rhiannon Mulligan, Columnist

March 1, 2016


Opinion: Ban All Gun Bans

Duncan Robertson and Liam Hughes

February 22, 2016

Strict gun laws are ineffective for stopping crime and nearly impossible to maintain. This becomes quickly evident if you study places that have banned firearms and compare crime statistics before and after gun bans.. In the U.K., for example, a 1997 law banning concealable firearms was met by a 77% increase in violent crime, and a 50% increase in homicide (see figure 1). Homicide rates peaked at 2.1 per 100,000. There was a 13% increase in assaults with a knife. In 1996, Australia banned all shotguns, semi-automatic, and fully automatic rifles. Armed robberies increased by 69%, non-lethal gun violence by 28%, and gun homicide went up 19%. On the other hand, in Kennesaw, Georgia, a 19...

A “Review” of the Winter Formal

February 19, 2016

If you are a 7th or 8th Grader (or have the reading comprehension skills of a  7-8th grader), don’t bother reading this. You didn’t go. Wait for the Spring Formal. I think it’s some time in May. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I saw the word “Formal” in the title “Winter Formal,” I imagined a ballroom-type, formal dancing sort of thing. The Winter Formal was a standard PCS Dance except that we got to wear our fancy suits and dresses (or whatever you see first in your closet {Jack Peters}). The Winter Formal, along with every single PCS Dance since the dawn of time, had three types of people: Peopl...

6 Moments you have when you sustain a leg injury

Jason Zheng and Rhiannon Mulligan

February 17, 2016

1. When you have to use the stairs You literally become an avalanche 2. When your friends want to give your crutches a "test drive" COME BACK HERE WITH MY CRUTCHES OR I'LL BEAT YOU 3. Trying to get into one of those bathtub showers "MY LEG!" -fish from Spongebob 4. Trying to get on the toilet is like landing a helicopter beep beep beep beep.... D E S T R U C T I O N ! 5. Dealing with everyone's attention got you like: Stop looking at me. 6. Not being able to drive Y U NO WORK FOOT?! 7. Carrying anything is a struggle Give me a third arm pls. ...

6 Moments you have on Mission st.

Jason Zheng, Editor

February 12, 2016

1. When you realize the person in front of you is going to turn left 2. What making a left turn feels like 3. When strangers hug your lane 4. When you hit every. single. red light. 5. When the guy in the XXL-sized car cuts you off 6. When you look down at the clock and it's 8:10  ...

13 Faces You Make as a Senior

Rhiannon Mulligan, Columnist

January 26, 2016

When you first realize you'll be lost at the new campus. College apps. Hating the College Board and how they take all your money. When you find phallic symbolism in Great Expectations. Wondering why your classes are still hard second semester. Waiting for admissions decisions. When your relatives ask about college. Knowing your friends will be going to school hundreds of miles away next year. When your friend gets into their first choice. Realizing how much everyone has changed since 7th grade. Wondering where your senior parking is. Realizing you'll be making adult decisions ...

Sleep Deprivation in PCS Students

Rina Rossi

January 26, 2016

As busy middle and high schoolers here at PCS, many of us find organizing time for homework and afterschool activities a useful tactic for success. Some students value sleep more than others, while others survive with only a few hours of sleep. Regardless of your preference on the amount of sleep you choose to get, sleep deprivation is a real and serious issue for adolescent teenagers all around the world, and likely at PCS. On Monday, January 11 of 2016, I decided to ask a few of my friends if they were satisfied with the average hours of sleep they got on a school day. About 40% of them told me that they receive ...

The Problem with Bernie

Aneesh Medhekar and Anthony Cuturrufo

January 26, 2016

As a “Democratic Socialist” presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders hopes to tackle the problem of income inequality in the United States. Recently, his campaign has taken the country by storm, only trailing the democratic frontrunner former-Secretary-of-State Hillary Clinton by about 13% in national polls and even surpassing Clinton in certain states. He has strong socialist views when it comes to economics. He advocates for a universal single-payer healthcare system and a socialist economy with dramatically increased taxes on the rich and corporations. Sanders’ supporters feel his ideas will truly benefit t...

10 Things You Should Know about Having Mono at PCS

Rhiannon Mulligan, Columnist

January 22, 2016

1. It’s caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus. Look at this virus. This is a mean virus. 2. It will be worse for you if you’re an athlete because it messes with your blood’s ability to carry oxygen. More developed aerobic base = feel the effects more acutely. 3. You will feel like this for anywhere between 2 weeks and 6 months. 4. Ms. Dennis will be your best friend because she brings you your assignments and proctors your exams. YAY MS. DENNIS!!! 5. Your teachers are true homies and will help accommodate your illness. 6. Not being able to take your finals at school will make you even more stressed....

Why are we so Politically Correct?

Abhay Zope

January 22, 2016

“Thats offensive! You’re stereotyping! That’s racist!”. These are phrases often heard whenever controversial matter is brought up. People experience these bombardment of words not only in the media but also in the comedy business. Far too often, comedians deal with endless shaming for making a joke or simply telling a joke about minorities or any protected species. Many notable comedians have expressed their disgust for this brand of censorship with both Jerry Seinfeld and Larry the cable guy stating that people can’t take jokes anymore. This opinion was echoed by Chris Rock who stopped playing colleges bec...

Satire: How to Stop Rising Oceans

Andrew Vu, Columnist, Satirist

December 11, 2015

  Disclaimer: This article does not present a practical solution. Please do not try these solutions at home... Actually, go ahead and try them at home. If you succeed (and people are left on the planet), you’ll win a Nobel Prize of some sort. I hope.    In case you haven’t heard, sea levels are rising. If you believe in global warming, which I sincerely hope you do, one of the more pertinent facts which probably concern you since you  live in Santa Cruz, is that ocean levels are rising. This is bad. If you need reasons, ask, well, anyone. Take a look at this: According to this fancy graph, the wor...

Space in our new Place

Jason Zheng, Editor

December 11, 2015

3004 Mission Extension—At the new Pacific Collegiate School campus, students are searching for places to run, play ball and romp about in general. In moving, PCS lost one of its key attributes: space. The old campus was known for its open layout: each classroom opened up to the outside (with the exception of some of the temporary spaces in A-pod and C-pod). It was full of open space, from the parking lot which doubled as a play zone to the ball walls to the fields in the front and back of the school. A walk around the school perimeter revealed dozens of hack circles--kids touting Mr. Garrett’s classic surfboard...

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